Flash Animation

If you are interested in my work, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

When the traditional animation business made the transition to 2D computer limited animation, I moved with the flow. I learned Flash and loved it because of the animation prospects and as a drawing and illustration tool. I explored Flash in any dimension, to design simple websites, animated logos and card, and simple games, I exhausted the software abilities to offer the necessary tools to produce an animation that might resemble a traditional animationĀ and its motion and action animation abilities. The following are selected 2D limited animations that represent the different styles I can work on using Flash.
Thin Line (between Raw and Jiggy.)
This is a scene I animated for Dice Raw's music video "Thin Line between Raw and Jiggy", the first broadcast-quality Flash animation aired on television
Old Lady
These two scenes are part of an informalĀ  personal project, a short flash movie I created with the sole intention of exploring the limits of character animation using limited 2D animation with Flash. I was surprised with the extensive capabilities of the program.
Logo Animation
I also explored the more technical aspects of Flash, which are very convenient, particularly for the creation of motion animation.
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