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My first experience with coding was when I started using Flash. After exhausting all the animation possibilities the software offered, I became interested in the interactive capabilities of it. Without any formal training, I started using it by playing with Action Script language. Interactive design led me to the creation and development of my very first app for the Apple store. From that exciting experience, I decided to explore the field of programming. These are some of my projects.
App - XML, Android Studio, Java
For this project I designed and implemented a single screen app that displays information about a small business. Click here to download the project.
Movie Website - Python, and Object Oriented Programming Movie Website 
For this project I created a simple movie website with images and trailers, the intention of this project was to demonstrate knowledge of Object Oriented Programming. Go to this page to download the project.
Quiz - Python syntax Functions
Built a fill-in-the blanks type quiz to leverage the power of functions in Python and mastered the ability to automate repetitive tasks that can be done on a computer. Go to this page to download the project.
Web Page - HTML, CSS, structured documents, HTML classes.
Built using HTML and CSS, this project demonstrates knowledge of basic website design. Go to this page to download the project.
Quiz App - XML, Android Studio, Java
This is a design and implementation of a short quiz app about a topic I chose. Check the code at BitcoinQuiz

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